Samantha Bifulco is a born and raised New Yorker.  Samantha received her Certificate in Nutrition, specializing in Treating Obesity through Harvard Medical.  Prior to that, she received her B.S. in Global Management and attended the Universitat Ramon Lull, IQS Business School of Barcelona, where she focused her studies on Emotional Intelligence and the importance between human behavior and emotional connection. 

Having traveled the world and lived in different countries Samantha is multilingual and also driven by health and wellness.  With her passion and excitement, Samantha effectively identifies each client's personal imbalances to change health behaviors which introduces effective transformation.

Identifying culturally and physically how unique each of her client's behaviors are, Samantha's private coaching provides lifestyle tools and highlights positive health behaviors while working through eating behaviors, emotional eating, stress management and weight loss.


"Body and mind work together and when they do not, imbalances appear.  I am here to help and support you in becoming more in tune by giving you lifestyle tools. Once your body and mind are in sync you will be able to listen to and understand your feelings, urges and imbalances."


Samantha attends speaking engagements and gives insightful and motivational lectures at universities and high school business classes.

Panel Speaker at the Suburban Millennial Jobs Conference. Featured on News Day  


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